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also fa·ïence  (fī-äns′, -äNs′, fā-)
1. Earthenware decorated with colorful opaque glazes.
2. A moderate to strong greenish blue.

[French faïence, after Faïence, Faenza, Italy.]


(faɪˈɑːns; feɪ-)
a. tin-glazed earthenware, usually that of French, German, Italian, or Scandinavian origin
b. (as modifier): a faïence cup.
[C18: from French, strictly: pottery from Faenza]


or fa•ïence

(faɪˈɑns, -ˈɑ̃s, feɪ-)

glazed earthenware or pottery, esp. a fine variety with highly colored designs.
[1705–15; < French, orig. pottery of Faenza, city in N Italy]


Fine pottery with a colorful glaze, named after Faenza, Italy, one of its sources.
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Noun1.faience - glazed earthenware decorated with opaque colorsfaience - glazed earthenware decorated with opaque colors
earthenware - ceramic ware made of porous clay fired at low heat
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The rest of the furniture of this privileged apartment consisted of old cabinets, filled with Chinese porcelain and Japanese vases, Lucca della Robbia faience, and Palissy platters; of old arm-chairs, in which perhaps had sat Henry IV.
Splendid enamels gleamed here and there on carved chests; a boar's head in faience crowned a magnificent dresser, whose two shelves announced that the mistress of the house was the wife or widow of a knight banneret.
The Glazed Faience Facings were made and installed by local Firm, Hathernware Limited, where I spent the first 10 years of my working life as a architectural draughtsman.
The book presents art in color from the monumental to jewelry, fashioned on wood, ceramics, faience, glass, and metals like bronze and gold.
It manufactures porcelain stoneware and faience and sanitary ware (cast iron bathtub and acrylic bathtubs).
This includes objects of stone, metal, ceramic, clay and faience objects, wood, glass, ivory, bone and shell, plaster and stucco, textile, parchment, paper and leather, paintings and drawings, mosaic and writing.
L'art de la decoration est egalement mis a l'honneur par des couvertures de livres anciens, des ornements de portes photographies en Egypte et au Maroc et des revetements en faience de plusieurs tombeaux en Turquie.
The building has been re-clad with facing brickwork, faience panels and decorative metalwork to the balconies.
The silk is fixed over the rim of the device worn to pattern ceramic faience, and a plain piece of white faience is placed underneath the rim.
The Flint Faience Tile Company had its origins in a meeting between Champion and Carl Bergmans, a Belgian ceramist working for the American Encaustic Tile Company in Zanesville, Ohio.
The other similar pieces which have been discovered in different parts of the world were used to decorate utensils and they represent a single head of a duck and mostly they were made of ivory or faience and rarely they were made of gold.
By contrast, she can follow the technical improvements in faience, which are gradually exploited to produce new forms and object classes.