fair deal

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Noun1.fair deal - fair treatment
deal - the type of treatment received (especially as the result of an agreement); "he got a good deal on his car"
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Two or three more saloons, and I accumulate a warm jingle and come pretty close to knowing everybody in town, all about the town, and a fair deal about the surrounding country.
CBS (CBS) issued the following statement on the company's dispute with Dish Network (DISH): "We obviously want to strike a fair deal with DISH as soon as possible - but we remain far apart on terms.
I have no idea what this might mean for those campaigning for a fair deal for the Midlands from the BBC.
BRUSSELS, Jumada I 7, 1437, Feb 16, 2016, SPA -- British Prime Minister David Cameron won a commitment from the European Parliament chief Tuesday that the assembly will "do its utmost" to back any fair deal on the EU reforms Cameron is seeking this week ahead of a referendum on whether Britain should remain in the EU, AP reported.
A WOULD-BE MP is calling for greater support for care services in rural areas so that those needing care and care workers get a fair deal.
THE announcement of new rules to ensure tied pubs are given a fair deal by pub companies has been welcomed by Colne Valley MP Jason McCartney, pictured right.
The Labour leader wants to ensure employees get a fair deal.
Here again, another US secretary of the state steps in the ring to help Israelis and the Palestinians work out a fair deal.
AWARD winning Otley Brewing Company has become the first firm to back the Fair Deal for your Local campaign.
Lib Dem Greg Mulholland, who is heading the Fair Deal for Your Local campaign, added: "Pub companies take more than is fair or sustainable from profits.
LIVERPOOL Wavertree MP Luciana Berger was today leading a delegation of public servants to Downing Street to demand a fair deal for Liverpool.