fair to middling

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Adj.1.fair to middling - about averagefair to middling - about average; acceptable; "more than adequate as a secretary"
satisfactory - giving satisfaction; "satisfactory living conditions"; "his grades were satisfactory"
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Nineteen fair to middling Wallachian girls offered at L130 @
The performances from this cast of bright young things are about as good as you'd expect - fair to middling at best, definitely no Oscars.
Fair to middling, that's the politest way I can put it.
Next up, our starters again were fair to middling - or even fair to Middlesbrough, as the Chronicle's very own John Gibson likes to say.
He started us off with textile expressions with keeping the band in the nick and lots of readers responded with more, such as being on tenterhooks, fair to middling, run of the mill, laikin o' weft, fettling and all piddling in the same pot.