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1. Suitable or used only during fair weather: fair-weather hiking gear.
2. Present and dependable only in good times: fair-weather friends.


1. suitable for use in fair weather only
2. not reliable or present in situations of hardship or difficulty (esp in the phrase fair-weather friend)


1. used in or intended for fair weather only.
2. weakening or failing in time of trouble: His fair-weather friends left him when he lost his job.


(ˈfɛərˌwɛð ər)

Mount, a mountain in SE Alaska. 15,292 ft. (4660 m).
References in classic literature ?
We have our ponchos, and we are not fair-weather explorers.
I want no fair-weather birds holding down my office chairs or anything else.
0-5 6-10 11-15 16-19 20/20 Fair-weather fan Absolute rubbish.
We are more than a fair-weather pub and certainly do not want to become a jealouslyguarded secret that no one outside the regular Comyn users knows about," said Sarah.
FAIR-WEATHER postmen have warned they will not be delivering the mail in bad weather after one of them slipped over in the rain.
But analysts had expected the strong pace of spending early in the year -- which was bolstered by an increase in fair-weather activities due to unseasonably warm temperatures across the U.
Fair-weather fans were left fuming after his last visit two years ago when he stuck to obscure back catalogue stuff.
Simpson, of no fixed address, also pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving by hitting a pedestrian Craig Fair-weather in Brombor-ough.
4 million armchair fans, and comes behind, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester United, who top the league of fair-weather supporters with 3.
Businessman Dave Fair-weather, 42, said: "It might sound like a bit of a joke but it's deadly serious.
But experts said politicians, of all people, should be accustomed to having fair-weather friends.
He is a fair-weather supporter," Mr Straw told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.