fairy circle

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Noun1.fairy circle - a ring of fungi marking the periphery of the perennial underground growth of the mycelium
anchor ring, annulus, doughnut, halo, ring - a toroidal shape; "a ring of ships in the harbor"; "a halo of smoke"
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More leaping tree squirrels, more ruddy madronos and majestic oaks, more fairy circles of redwoods, and, still beside the singing stream, they passed a gate by the roadside.
Getzin heard about the Australian circles in 2014 when a burst of news stories about his latest fairy circle paper inspired environmental scientist Bronwyn Bell of Perth to e-mail pictures of what she saw around Newman.
Analytical chemist Yvette Naude of the University of Pretoria in South Africa says she and colleagues got a tip about five years ago from a fairy circle enthusiast and realized that the site is visible via Google Earth.
The computer then counted how many neighbors surround each fairy circle.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Patterns appearing on both the very large and very small scale are extremely rare, but researchers have found a similar pattern in two apparently unrelated systems -- skin cells and fairy circles in the Namibian desert.
I am regularly charmed by his inability to distinguish fantasy from fact and by his total lack of historical perspective, resulting in the belief that there may be a fairy circle, dragon or jousting match just around the corner.
Radical Fairy Circle headed for the Sonora desert to prepare the space for the gathering.
So when we stumble on a fairy circle of mysterious mushrooms, what do we do?
Elize Ehlers launched her debut album, Fairy Circle Love, on a high note last week.
For Bonachela, the Fairy Circles 'remind us of the delicate balance of interactions necessary to sustain ecosystems.
A long-term research project has finally revealed that the Namib's famous fairy circles are caused by a termite.
LIGHTS: The Naga Fireballs pictures pictures Fairy circles in Africa SOME of the most inhospitable parts of southern Africa's sweeping grasslands are dotted with barren patches known as fairy circles.