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Europe adjusts itself to a fait accompli, and so does an individual character--until the placid adjustment is disturbed by a convulsive retribution.
1570; آ آ Al-Jarwan said in a statement today that the Israeli violations of Islamic and Christian sanctities in Palestine were "systematically and continuously done for decades in order to try to change the topographic nature and impose a fait accompli.
Not as yet properly consulted, (somewhat of an understatement) a school that manages its finances well and that has examination results to be proud of, is apparently presented with a fait accompli.
NNA - The Special Tribunal for Lebanon, probing the 2205 killing of former statesman Rafic Hariri, on Thursday continued hearing the testimony of Progressive Socialist Party Head, MP Walid Jumblatt, who indicated that the Syrians had flouted Taef Accord, and imposed the tutelage as a fait accompli.
This is an attempt to impose a fait accompli by force and violence," He tweeted, adding 'Aden shall withstand and win'
The GCC Ministerial Council, remembered the statement issued during the GCC extraordinary meeting in 21, January, 2015 regarding the Houthi coup in Yemen and a statement issued by the Security Council in 15, February, 2015, the GCC initiative and it executive mechanism, the outputs of the national dialogue and relevant resolutions of the Security Council, reiterated its condemnation and refusal of the Houthi coup and its attempts to impose a fait accompli by force.
He said some European Union partners had tried to present Greece with an unacceptable fait accompli by issuing the statement without its agreement.
Affirming its dismissal for all forms of violence and provocative actions conducted for the reasons of imposing fait accompli policy, Foreign Ministry also expressed its concerns over the recent increasing developments and deterioration situation in East Jerusalem.
Stirrings in the north have made this a fait accompli.
Tunisia also denounced, according to a statement of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, "the provocative actions against Muslim around the world", noting "a serious escalation meant to create a fait accompli, as part of an Israeli systematic and persistent policy of Judaisation of Al-Aqsa Mosque.
SLIGO boss Pat Flanagan refuses to accept that Mayo's fourth Connacht Championship title in succession is a fait accompli.
Now that the doors are a fait accompli, I can only urge one and all to make a point of using them.