faith healer

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faith healing

The treatment of disease by means of prayer or faith in divine power.

faith healer n.

faith healer


faith healer

n. curandero-a.
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The father then brought a faith healer from Sudan to treat the son.
A FAITH healer stole PS3,000 from a love-struck woman who asked him to perform magic so that her married lover would leave his wife for her, a court heard.
What experts, including Helen Rappaport and Dominic Lieven, can agree on is that Grigori Rasputin was a Siberian faith healer who rose from obscurity to become an adviser to Tsar Nicholas II and his family before being assassinated in December ,1916.
The Siberian peasant and faith healer rose from obscurity to become an adviser to Tsar Nicholas II and his family, before being assassinated in December 1916.
The essay then assesses the Stark Naked Theatre Company's stirring 2014 production of Faith Healer in Houston, Texas.
A version of Faith Healer – the 1979 play from Irish writer Brian Friel, whose other works include Dancing at Lughnasa and Translations – it does a difficult piece perfect justice.
ISLAMABAD -- Former President Asif Ali Zardari has strongly condemned attack on Sunday night at a place of a faith healer in Baldia town Karachi.
A 70-YEAR-OLD faith healer has been found guilty of sexually molesting three women.
He pleaded guilty, but claimed he had ingested the steroid in a herbal remedy given to him by a faith healer.
She was speaking yesterday at the trial in Pescara of faith healer Ernani Barretta, 63, who denies masterminding the blackmail plot.
KARACHI, July 8 -- The Korangi police on Wednesday arrested a fake faith healer and his disciple who had burnt a young girl late Tuesday night.
He also sees a faith healer and a haptonomy specialist.

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