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 (fə-lăn′jĭst, fā′lăn′-)
A member of a fascist organization constituting the official ruling party of Spain after 1939.

[Spanish Falangista, from Falange (Española), (Spanish) Phalanx, from Latin phalanx, phalang-; see phalanx.]
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Noun1.falangist - a Spanish member of General Franco's political party
fascist - an adherent of fascism or other right-wing authoritarian views
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25) In May of the same year, an issue of the monthly Ultraista magazine Cervantes (founded by Cansinos Assens) published a centennial homage to Whitman, by future Falangist Eugenio Montes.
These elements are so fixed in collective memory that the Falangist anthem attributed to Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, "Cara al sol," makes use of the very same image as Sanchez Saornil's closing line for its title.
The Civil War itself claimed some 500,000 lives as Franco's forces, largely with the backing of the Roman Catholic and right-wing Falangist party, battled for control against left-win Republicans, who drew on support of international brigades made up of foreign volunteer fighters.
Gil Gonzalez explains that "The political and ideological instrumentation of the comic strip had already been tested in Spain during the Civil War by tebeos such as the Falangist Flechas or the Carlist Pelayos.
The 26th of April of 1937 will always be remembered as the ignominious day on which the Gentian air force, who had come to Spain to participate in the Civil War alongside General Francisco Franco and his Falangist troops, destroyed with its bombs the city of Guernica, sanctuary of the Basque country.
Spanish Republicans and other victims of the Falangist regime in Spain, whether enjoying international status as refugees or not;
Wright attributes objectivity to his form of interviewing to the extent that Pagan Spain itself juxtaposes other journalistic conventions with his own, quoting large portions from the Falangist catechism to highlight the differences.
The Falangist use of the love metaphor for Spanish-Catalan relations advocates a narrative of gender violence to convey the necessity of Spanish territorial unity as one of the last standing remnants of the Castilian imperial past.
Hilton was the last surviving British veteran of the Spanish Civil War; a conflict that raged between July 1936 and April 1939 pitting the democratic government of the Second Spanish Republic against a Falangist, nationalist rebellion led by General Francisco Franco of the Spanish Army.
In at least two instances, the buffalos are figured as fascist hordes, first as Nazis persecuting Mateo Horowiz, who portrays himself as a wandering Jew, and second as falangist Spaniards pursuing Federico Garcia Lorca during the Spanish Civil War.
Franco has been dead for five years, and Falangist Spain has already faded into "anachronism.
And considerable duress there was; the composer was detained for two weeks on the false accusation that he had composed a Falangist hymn in the late 1930s, and he soon thereafter fled to Navarre, only to return later to Madrid.