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 (făl′kə-nĕt′, fôl′-, fô′kə-)
1. A small or young falcon.
2. Any of several small falcons, especially any of several species of the genus Microhierax native to tropical Asia.


(ˈfɔːlkəˌnɛt; ˈfɔːkə-)
1. (Animals) any of various small falcons, esp any of the Asiatic genus Microhierax
2. (Military) a small light cannon used from the 15th to 17th centuries


(ˈfɔl kəˌnɛt, ˈfæl-, ˈfɔ kə-)

any of several small Asian falcons, esp. of the genus Microhierax.
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He invites me to Moscow in order to prove his assertion, and show me his leg's tomb, and the very cannon that shot him; he says it's the eleventh from the gate of the Kremlin, an old-fashioned falconet taken from the French afterwards.
Upon entering the shanty allegedly being used as a alleged drug den, two women identified as Diana Taladua, 36, jobless, and Susan Falconet, 49, were caught allegedly having pot session.
24 and the encounter in Santolan and San Juan del Monte that resulted in 5 dead and 15 wounded on the rebel side and the confiscation of a falconet, a dozen bolos, gunpowder and ammunition.
In anticipation of the attack on Tenochtitlan, Cortes had built 13 brigintines near Tetzcoco, each 42 feet long with a 48-foot flagship, half with one sail and half with two, 12 oarsmen per ship, plus armed soldiers and a falconet.
Le Gout de Diderot: Greuze, Chardin, Falconet, David.
Similarly, the Pygmalion myth--in which the statue of Galatea becomes living flesh beneath the touch and gaze of the artist who created her--was depicted in operatic works by Rameau (1748) and Rousseau (1762), an acclaimed sculpture by Falconet (1761), and a proliferation of paintings by Lemoyne (1729), Boucher (1767), Regnault (1786), and Girodet (1819), among others.
Por otro lado, Francois Falconet, analiza pormenorizadamente los archivos diplomaticos (La Courneuve y Nantes) examinando el funcionamiento de los mecanismos administrativos de la diplomacia francesa.
There's an abundance of fascinating historic guns and cannons here, including two short-range pellet-firing Chinese guns known as t'ungs from the 15th century and a Falconet gun carriage that would have been used during the English Civil War.
Other rare, restricted range or globally endangered species include the Rufous-necked Hornbill, Green Cochoa, Purple Cochoa, Beautiful Nuthatch, Ward's Trogon, Ruddy Kingfisher, Blue-eared Kingfisher, White-tailed Fish Eagle, Eurasian Hobby, Pied Falconet, White-winged Wood Duck, Himalayan Wood-wool, Rufous-throated Hill-patridge and While Cheeked Hill Patridge.
In any case, Diderot's resigned observation that in the end, it is the work that matters, not the author, is a far cry from his anxious dialogue about posterity with the sculptor Etienne-Maurice Falconet.
Este plinto de roca sigue la tradicion europea del escultor Falconet, quien en 1766 emplazo su Monumento ecuestre a Pedro el Grande, en San Petesburgo, en la cima de una gran roca.
The commission is compared with the large orders for dinner services from Catherine the Great (1729-96)--the 3,000-piece service given to her favourite Count Gregory Orloff in 1771, designed with assistance from the renowned French sculptor Etienne Maurice Falconet, is represented by a tureen by Roettiers, of Paris, from the Metropolitan Museum's permanent collections.