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1. One who cuts down trees; a lumberjack or feller.
2. A machine part or device that operates by falling.


1. (Textiles) any device that falls or operates machinery by falling, as in a spinning machine
2. (Horse Racing) one that falls, esp a horse that falls at a fence in a steeplechase
3. (Forestry) US and Canadian a person who fells trees


(ˈfɔ lər)

1. one that falls.
2. a device that operates by falling.
3. a logger hired to cut down trees; feller.
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Noun1.faller - a person who fells treesfaller - a person who fells trees    
laborer, labourer, manual laborer, jack - someone who works with their hands; someone engaged in manual labor
scorer - a logger who marks trees to be felled
2.faller - a person who falls; "one of them was safe but they were unable to save the faller"; "a faller among thieves"
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
References in classic literature ?
What for a Svaidish faller like me monkey with none of my biziness, I don't know," he soliloquized.
Ay tank you fish patrol fallers never ban so lucky as when you sail with Ole Ericsen," he was saying, when a rifle cracked sharply astern, and a bullet gouged along the newly painted cabin, glanced on a nail, and sang shrilly onward into space.
Sangres made a fine park of them, with a herd of faller deer.
76 with GKN the biggest faller, ending the day down 11p or 2.
We risk a terrible secondary crisis of food shortages and disease unless we get the necessary funds to provide the help that is needed immediately," Faller added.
Joey Faller, the administrator of the shrine, which is under the supervision of the Diocese of Lucena, said in an online interview on Thursday.
The biggest faller for the second month running was Johnston Press which saw a 41 per cent price slump over the past month following a 55 per cent fall the previous one.
But there's a way to make money from misery - bookies Betway offer 4-6 that there is at least one faller at the first.
Faller focuses on infantry and their use of light artillery and includes comparisons of the luxury of camp life in cities to living in tents, in addition to discussion of the effects of the war on their lives and those back home, the interactions of the men with the citizens of Louisiana, and their feelings about the people, their officers, and each other.
Summary: Banks led European shares lower for a second day on Tuesday on the back of political turmoil in Italy, with Dutch lender KBC Groep the top faller after it sold a fresh batch of shares.
Pharmaceuticals company Shire was the biggest top flight faller, down 11% or 223p to 1743p, after US regulators approved generic copies of its hyperactivity drug Adderall XR.
Macart will also be exhibiting the new Steel faller bars and Astrotec disposable faller bars.