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A cylindrical surface or solid, all of whose sections perpendicular to the elements are elliptical.
Resembling a cylinder.


(Mathematics) a cylinder with an elliptical cross section
resembling a cylinder


(ˈsɪl ɪnˌdrɔɪd)

1. a solid having the form of a cylinder, esp. one with an elliptical, as opposed to a circular, cross section.
2. resembling a cylinder.
[1655–65; < Greek kylindroeidḗs cylinderlike. See cylinder, -oid]
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I could pick the fly up and recast without a second false cast.
Should he hit a stone on a false cast, or hook an overhead branch, he should immediately inspect both fly and leader as a damaged hook would allow a fish to kick off with ease.
When the waiting got too long, an angler would move to the starboard side, false cast toward the bow on the forward cast and throw the line out on the backcast.
But he insists that, in the right hands, fly rods are deadlier for tailing fish because he can false cast until he gets the fish and the fly into common trajectory.
Photo (1--color) Art Delano, right, practices his false cast while newcomer Mike Burian tries out what he's learned.
Ordinarily one false cast is all it takes to get the mark back out of the rod.