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Among the panelists at the session was Pamela Freyd, president of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, a group made up of family members accused of abuse based on recovered memories.
In America more than 15,000 families have now contacted the US False Memory Syndrome Foundation.
FALSE memory syndrome is known to account for some cases of children recalling alleged abuse, and in the US it was claimed some forms of psychotherapy could encourage false memories.
99): A mammoth new thriller from the author of False Memory.
But the 72-year-old was acquitted of all eight indecent assault charges because the woman was suffering from false memory syndrome.
The club will not improve until it places long-term managerial planning in front of paranoia, false memory and incoherent hot-heads.
Elizabeth further revealed that, with the false memory planted, her team offered volunteers a larger set of faces, including both the original and altered version of the face they were told to memorize.
Margaret Jervis of the British False Memory Society, which raises awareness of "false" claims, infuriated genuine victims when she said: "The Irish are great storytellers and many, it seems, are making extreme allegations.
In 1992 the False Memory Society was founded in Britain and was quickly flooded with calls from parents who had been accused by their children.
But they remained in the dark over why Katrina had made the allegations, until Jim was given the number of the False Memory Society.
Tragically, the effects of False Memory Syndrome will be with Maxine forever.
She said: "This debate goes back to the 1990s and the idea of False Memory Syndrome where this kind of research was first misused and has been ever since then.