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Noun1.false return - an incorrect income tax return
income tax return, return, tax return - document giving the tax collector information about the taxpayer's tax liability; "his gross income was enough that he had to file a tax return"
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Abetment or inducement of another person to make a false return, account, statement or declaration will be punishable with RI of six months to seven years.
An identity thief steals a taxpayer's Social Security number (SSN) and files a false return with it before the taxpayer files.
GREAT WAR 100 Schulze and Lehning, who were sailors on the Chilean sailing ship Quintero, were charged that, being enemy aliens, they made a false statement to the aliens officer, and Vallentin, who was chief mate of the vessel, was charged with aiding and abetting Schulze and Lehning, and also that he made a false return of the list of the crew, showing the other two defendants as a Swede and Russian Finn respectively.
Federal and state taxing authorities can bring, both felony and misdemeanor tax charges against a CPA's client--the most common of which include tax evasion, failure to file a return, failure pay tax and filing a false return.
Thus, reporting that a client's debt has been discharged and then accepting funds in payment of that debt could be viewed by the IRS as supporting a penalty for filing a false return.
specifically intended to cause a false return to be filed, refuting the
Further, spammers who send fraudulent or deceptive e-mails, e-mails with false subject lines, or e-mails with a false return address may be subject to criminal prosecution and penalties, including injunctions, fines of up to $6 million, and imprisonment for as long as five years.
It also makes it illegal for online marketers to disguise their identity by using a false return address or misleading subject line and prohibits senders from harvesting e-mail addresses from Web sites.
Violating Virginia law, their emails--which advertised low interest mortgages, penny stocks and internet browsing software--are alleged to have used false return addresses and routing information.
A false return reporting that stock was sold for an immense profit;
13) Tax due and owing is not an element of the false return offense.
This act would make it a federal offense to send spam using a false return e-mail address.