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tr.v. fa·mil·iar·ized, fa·mil·iar·iz·ing, fa·mil·iar·iz·es
1. To make known, recognized, or familiar.
2. To make acquainted with.

fa·mil′iar·i·za′tion (-yər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
fa·mil′iar·iz′er n.
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Noun1.familiarization - the experience of becoming familiar with something
experience - the accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities; "a man of experience"; "experience is the best teacher"
det at gøre sig bekendt med
òaî aî kynnast e-u, eîa venjast
oboznámenie sa
alış ma


n (process of) familiarizationGewöhnungsprozess m; he is responsible for the familiarization of all new employees with the procedureser ist dafür verantwortlich, dass alle neuen Angestellten mit der Verfahrensweise vertraut gemacht werden


(fəˈmiljə) adjective
1. well-known. The house was familiar to him; She looks very familiar (to me).
2. (with with) knowing about. Are you familiar with the plays of Shakespeare?
3. too friendly. You are much too familiar with my wife!
faˈmiliarly adverb
faˌmiliˈarity (-liˈӕ-) plural faˌmiliˈarities noun
1. the state of being familiar. I was surprised by her familiarity with our way of life.
2. an act of (too) friendly behaviour. You must not allow such familiarities.
faˈmiliarize, faˈmiliarise verb
(with with) to make something well known to (someone). You must familiarize yourself with the rules.
faˌmiliariˈzation, faˌmiliariˈsation noun
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Guyana is an important destination for Caribbean Airlines, and we are delighted to support international journalists visiting Guyana for a familiarization tour from November 17-22, states Dionne Ligoure, Head of Corporate Communications at Caribbean Airlines.
The school's 4-week Aircraft Systems Familiarization course, for example, presents students with comprehensive information on the various technologies now utilized within modern aircraft.
In this programme, selected teachers and students are taken on a familiarization visit to various PAF educational institutions for creating better understanding and harmony.
In the orientation programme, selected teachers and students are taken on a familiarization visit to various PAF educational institutions for creating better understanding and harmony.
Specifically, during short-duration and high-intensity activities on elliptical trainers, familiarization with the test modality may be more necessary to obtain accurate and reliable assessments.
Most of these advisors receive a minimum of a four-hour weapons familiarization course on foreign weapons.
But they also get the White House Transportation Agency-specific mission training and familiarization training with the Secret Service," said Sgt.
Marksmanship, Safety, and Weapons Familiarization Instruction- Instructors shall ensure all students are familiar with the range regulations, particularly the safety requirements associated with each weapon, Emergency action plan, and specific information regarding the range.
Familiarization trip in airlines, travel and hospitality industry is a tradition among travel and hospitality professionals to visit various destinations with the purpose of maintaining good relationship, promoting destinations and therefore to enhance business opportunities.
Admission Requirements and Familiarization with the College of Education's Website
The familiarization and recommendation process for the plan pulled resources from all five branches of service, government agencies and commercial partnerships, including port authority managers from four strategic ports.
NAS Lemoore security personnel provided M-16 familiarization and range experience for 92 squadron members.