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tr.v. fa·mil·iar·ized, fa·mil·iar·iz·ing, fa·mil·iar·iz·es
1. To make known, recognized, or familiar.
2. To make acquainted with.

fa·mil′iar·i·za′tion (-yər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
fa·mil′iar·iz′er n.
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Noun1.familiarization - the experience of becoming familiar with something
experience - the accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities; "a man of experience"; "experience is the best teacher"
det at gøre sig bekendt med
òaî aî kynnast e-u, eîa venjast
oboznámenie sa
alış ma


n (process of) familiarizationGewöhnungsprozess m; he is responsible for the familiarization of all new employees with the procedureser ist dafür verantwortlich, dass alle neuen Angestellten mit der Verfahrensweise vertraut gemacht werden


(fəˈmiljə) adjective
1. well-known. The house was familiar to him; She looks very familiar (to me).
2. (with with) knowing about. Are you familiar with the plays of Shakespeare?
3. too friendly. You are much too familiar with my wife!
faˈmiliarly adverb
faˌmiliˈarity (-liˈӕ-) plural faˌmiliˈarities noun
1. the state of being familiar. I was surprised by her familiarity with our way of life.
2. an act of (too) friendly behaviour. You must not allow such familiarities.
faˈmiliarize, faˈmiliarise verb
(with with) to make something well known to (someone). You must familiarize yourself with the rules.
faˌmiliariˈzation, faˌmiliariˈsation noun
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Guyana is an important destination for Caribbean Airlines, and we are delighted to support international journalists visiting Guyana for a familiarization tour from November 17-22, states Dionne Ligoure, Head of Corporate Communications at Caribbean Airlines.
It is set to visit the two places during their familiarization tour.
A subject of a particular interest is the firsthand familiarization with the high-tech payment systems, which allow financial institutions to perform transfers quickly and safely.
Fourteen leading travel agents including Malaysia Airlines Xiamen, participated in this familiarization tour, which provided a comprehensive picture on the potential of Sri Lanka as a popular tourist destination.
Designed for Siemens' customers, this learning program is particularly beneficial to medical system technologists seeking familiarization with the disease-relevant functionality of Siemens' latest diagnostic imaging and therapy products.
Napa Valley Familiarization Trip -- as an added incentive to visit the Yountville booth #1617, twenty (20) industry professionals will have an opportunity to enter and win a Napa Valley Familiarization Trip on November 14, 2005.
The simulator will be used to train tower controllers and associated staff for familiarization practice and conversion training.
A team of Premier Technology engineers has already completed training and familiarization with the methodologies necessary to convert complex thermal heat-sealing packaging machinery to GREENSEAL RF sealing technology and are prepared to ramp up operations in the United States.
The STS-121 crew has begun hardware familiarization and training exercises on the ICC, with more preparation scheduled later in the month at SPACEHAB's Headquarters in Houston and at the Company's Florida facility.
The National Research Council approved MIVI's application following an in depth familiarization with the advanced concept of novel technologies proposed by MIVI, and a review of the Company's organizational and fiscal capability to carry on with the proposed USD 1 million+ R&D program.
Cubic's Simulation Systems Division (SSD) will design and deliver high fidelity system components to train familiarization and proficiency skills on this state-of-the-art weapons platform.
The C-295's extensive "All American tour" - which began May 17 - is going coast-to-coast with briefings and familiarization flights in 10 states: Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Texas, Idaho, California, Oregon, Alaska, South Dakota and Vermont.