family Chironomidae

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Chironomidae - midges
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Nematocera, suborder Nematocera - mosquitoes; fungus gnats; crane flies; gnats; sand flies
midge - minute two-winged mosquito-like fly lacking biting mouthparts; appear in dancing swarms especially near water
Chironomus, genus Chironomus - type genus of the Chironomidae
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Within the Devils River and the Llano River, we observed larvae of the family Chironomidae often associated with colonies of S.
The most common taxa found in all ponds were in the family Chironomidae (Diptera) and the most diverse invertebrate group in the area was the family Dytiscidae (Coleoptera), which was composed of 20 genera.
Many other examples of preference for temporary water bodies exist in the family Chironomidae (Frouz et al.