family Malpighiaceae

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rosid dicot family - a family of dicotyledonous plants
Geraniales, order Geraniales - an order of plants of subclass Rosidae including geraniums and many other plants; see Euphorbiaceae; Geraniaceae; Rutaceae; Malpighiaceae; Simaroubaceae; Meliaceae; Zygophyllaceae; Tropaeolaceae
genus Malpighia, Malpighia - type genus of the Malpighiaceae
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That is the purpose of this paper--as a specialist in the systematics of the family Malpighiaceae, I propose to describe what is known about the relationships of the present Mexican representatives of that family, with special emphasis on the number of lineages of Malpighiaceae in Mexico and the probable ultimate origins of those lineages.
a tropical tree of the family Malpighiaceae, and like all plants of this genus, and most of the neotropical species of this family, have flowers that instead of nectar, have an abundant lipid composition (oil) (Rezende and Fraga, 2003; Ribeiro et al.