family Palinuridae

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arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Decapoda, order Decapoda - lobsters; crayfish; crabs; shrimps; prawns
genus Palinurus, Palinurus - type genus of the family Palinuridae
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In spiny lobsters of the family Palinuridae, female maturation is usually deduced from "berried" (ovigerous) condition (Groeneveld and Melville-Smith, 1994), the presence of external morphological indicators such as changes in the number of pleopod setae (Gregory and Labisky, 1981; Montgomery, 1992), relative lengths of abdominal and thoracic segments (Jayakody, 1989), or proportional lengths of segments of walking or egg-bearing appendages at the pubertal molt (George and Morgan, 1979; Grey, 1979; Juinio, 1987; Plaut, 1993; Evans et al.