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Thus, herein, we analyze cases of unjustified emendations in scientific names dedicated to people, published because of sex or the number of dedicatees, in the family Theraphosidae (Arachnida: Mygalomorphae), currently containing about 978 (2nd.
The arachnologists came to the conclusion this was a tarantula in the mygalomorph family Theraphosidae.
tarantula Any of various large, hairy, chiefly tropical spiders of the family Theraphosidae and capable of inflicting a painful but not seriously venomous bite.
Members of the family Theraphosidae are usually large and long-lived and in the last decades they have become popular as pets in many countries.
The family Theraphosidae is widespread in tropical and subtropical regions of the world, but the biology of theraphosid spiders is poorly known.