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1. Created in the fancy; imaginary or unreal: a fanciful story.
2. Tending to indulge in fancy: a fanciful mind.
3. Showing invention or whimsy in design; imaginative. See Synonyms at fantastic.

fan′ci·ful·ly adv.
fan′ci·ful·ness n.


n (of story etc)Seltsamkeit f; (of person)blühende Fantasie or Phantasie; (of costume)reiche Verzierung; (of pattern)Fantasiereichtum m, → Phantasiereichtum m
References in classic literature ?
The event acquitted her of all the fancifulness, and all the selfishness of imaginary complaints.
As Mainhall had said, she was the second act; the plot and feeling alike depended upon her lightness of foot, her lightness of touch, upon the shrewdness and deft fancifulness that played alternately, and sometimes together, in her mirthful brown eyes.
It has often been charged with inconsistency and fancifulness, and yet has had an elevating effect on human nature, and has exercised a wonderful charm and interest over a few spirits who have been lost in the thought of it.