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A visionary; a dreamer.

[German, from Medieval Latin phantasta, from Greek phantastēs, boaster, from phantasiā, imagination; see fantasy.]


a dreamer or visionary
[C16: from German Phantast, from Greek phantastēs boaster; English word influenced in meaning by fantastic]


(ˈfæn tæst)

a visionary; dreamer.
[1580–90; < German, variant of Phantast < Greek phantastḗs boaster fantastic]
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Noun1.fantast - someone who predicts the futurefantast - someone who predicts the future  
illusionist, seer, visionary - a person with unusual powers of foresight
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Named "DoDo," the gigantic sculpture was inspired by the main character in the Germany fantast novel "The Neverending Story.
I t ' s th e Wolfpack's first year and they have had fantast ic crowds - 7,247 watched their game aga inst Hemel Stags last week.
Rating FANTAST TIC FOUR (12) REED RICHARDS (Miles Teller) is an inquisitive T student from Oyster Bay, New York, who creates a "cymatic matter shuttle" with best friend Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) that transports objects between two realms.
Rating FANTAST TIC FOUR (12) REED RICHARDS (Miles Teller) is T an inquisitive student from Oyster Bay, New York, who creates a "cymatic matter shuttle" with best friend Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) that transports objects between two realms.
The dreamer is the fantast, without any limitation by reality.
Their ongoing inve pany will also enable the biggest employer bosses announced pljobs boost over the neThe news has beentry and Warwickshiwho say the investmedence is returning to and engineering induRachel Eade, autom lead at the Manufactuice, said: "The scale COVPRESS is a fantast for UK manufacturindeliver what internalooking to achieve.
Producer Kathe were delighted th first time of askin She said: "Ferg with Billy in mind "We didn't kno were very pleased "He is fantast great bombas immediately buy sense of importan and his soft side "During some o we would have a li to get through in "I'd be looking a in the middle of o and (director) M tears streaming laughter.
ng nd re his nic Grand Crus, trained in theWest Country by David Pipe, looks a fantast prospect and two of the grey's three win this season have been at Cheltenham.
windows frame a dream with witnesses, You taste, fantast and epicure,
Its fantast tic that all the average of treatment has been replaced in 4 group and just between two treatment N2A0 and N2A1 been a statically difference by the level of 5% this could be one of the results that indicate, by increasing the level of nitrogen the activated of this bacteria become invisible, due the pertain percentage in the grain, the test by the base of kedjeldal, and comparing the average by the Duncan method shows the treatment N3A1 by the highest average with the amount of 11/82 has the most amount of pertain in the grain and the lowest amount was carried out by the N0A0 treatment with the average of 9/36.
Ball and Hammer: Hugo Ball's Tenderend the Fantast (New Haver;, CT: Yule University Press, 2002), 8, quoting from Jaeobus de Voragine, The Golden Legend trans.
Die Sprengkraft des Konzepts einer "Autobiographiefiktion" im Rahmen der Shoah-Literatur wurde Ende der Neunziger ersichtlich am Aufsehen, welches die Enthullungen um Binjamin Wilkomirskis Bruchstucke (1995) erregten, als sich herausstellte, dass der Autor nicht der KZ-Uberlebende war, fur den er sich ausgab, sondern ein Fantast.