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tr.v. fan·tas·ti·cat·ed, fan·tas·ti·cat·ing, fan·tas·ti·cates
To make fantastic: "[his] splendidly baroque style adorns and fantasticates his thought" (New York Times).

fan·tas′ti·ca′tion n.


vb (tr)
to make fantastic


(fænˈtæs tɪˌkeɪt)

v.t. -cat•ed, -cat•ing.
to make or render fantastic.
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To their chagrin, if they don't have enough money of their own to finance the production of their own launching show, film or recording, they have to first win the approval and backing of a producer, director or financier to achieve their fantastic and fantasticating dream of stardom.
It's great for the TV talents involved that 'Ang Probinsyano' has been so successful that it's been 're-re-extended' till the end of 2017-but, don't its loyal viewers deserve less predictable storytelling and more realistically dynamic, instead of fantasticating twists and turns?
That may sound 'logically impossible,' but in the fantasticating world of TV storytelling that may not be a total put-down!
It features creative visuals and a droll storyline to delight and trigger the viewer's fantasticating imagination.
Still, the all-female 'Ghostbusters' spookfest succeeds in 'proving' that, when it comes to feisty and fantasticating screen comedy, the gals can match the guys-as good as it gets!
THROUGHOUT its long and just now concluding run, 'Dolce Amore' has turned some viewers off with its determinedly roseate and fantasticating rom-com storytelling.
That left the show's fantasticating romantics for a decided lurch!
All else is futile, feckless, fickle, fantasticating, flatulent-frustration
Suffice it to say that, unlike most of John Lloyd's fan-pandering, fantasticating and fun-generating potboilers, the protagonists of Honor go through the wringer for their (ehem) second chance at Happily Ever After.
Will these improbable action scenes have the same thrilling effect they used to have with today's less fantasticating viewers?
Every few minutes or so, he would appear as another fantastic and fantasticating concoction of his character's perfervid and creative imagination-including a spaced-out nun straight out of an asylum production of The Sound of Music, a cheap take-off on Marilyn Monroe-and a spaced-out butterfly cum Thalidomide victim
It would be great if a local version of the intelligence tilt for children could be produced here to inspire our own exceptional youths to do more than just dream of becoming show biz stars (the cushy career of choice these shallowly fantasticating days).