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1. A condition of utmost perfection: played the part of the martyr to a fare-thee-well.
2. The most extreme degree: beat his opponent in the match to a veritable fare-thee-well.

[From fare thee well, may it go well with you, goodbye.]




informal chiefly US a state of perfection: the steak was cooked to a fare-thee-well.


1. a state of perfection.
2. the maximum effect; fullest measure or extent.
Sometimes, fare′-you-well`.
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Noun1.fare-thee-well - state of perfection; the utmost degree; "they polished the furniture to a fare-thee-well"
flawlessness, ne plus ultra, perfection - the state of being without a flaw or defect
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In a recent 1,500 word analysis, the online global intelligence company STRATFOR noted that while experts have assessed the European Union (EU) and European economics and finances to a fare-thee-well, little attention has been paid to underlying factors such as European nationalism.
They fit right in with more traditional tales of moonshine runners, loving grandmas and slaves yearning for freedom, all sung with pristine mountain passion and picked to a fare-thee-well.
All performed as though they had been rehearsed to a fare-thee-well.