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far side

The side of the moon that faces away from the earth.

far′side′ adj.


(Celestial Objects) the farthest side, esp the side of the Moon which faces away from the Earth
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Setting a modest pace out in front didn't seem to suit the big, scopey six-year-old and he also raced up against the farside rail, which can often be seen as a disadvantage at Newcastle.
At the time, LRO was recording a strip of lunar terrain on the Moon's farside, just northwest of Mare Orientale.
Despite being a good yard inside his goal, incredibly farside linesman Ross Haswell failed to spot it and the away dugout erupted in fury as referee Beaton waved play on.
Abby Butler is at the Castle in Abergele, and The Confessions, Farside and Martyn Peters plays at The Skerries gig night in Bangor.
bikies surveying from top to bottom, lines of sight a farside of
This is just one suggestion of a beautiful horse safari experience, which can be customised for you by Farside Africa.
In level 30, players will reach the Farside, where you can float when on the moon with a massive sword.
com)-- The Farside Paranormal Podcast, a podcast about more than just the Paranormal, is available to listeners for subscription through iTunes, Stitcher Radio and TuneIn Radio.
Such an orbit would place a three-person Orion crew in a prime location to get a bird's eye view of the lunar farside and have direct line-of-sight communications with Earth.
Farside | BEN BOVA: Veteran science fiction writer Bova, the recipient of six Hugo Awards for his work at Analog Science Fiction, chronicles the race to discover whether an Earth-sized planet 30 light-years away bears life.
4) The proverbial "long pole in the tent" of combined arms breach success is the effectiveness of the lane-marking signature in helping the initial assault force and follow-on combat forces move forward to the farside objectives.