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 (făsh′ə, fä′shə)
n. pl. fas·ci·ae (făsh′ē-ē′, fä′shē-ē′)
1. Anatomy
a. A sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue enveloping, separating, or binding together muscles, organs, and other soft structures of the body.
b. The tissue of which such a sheet or band is composed.
2. Biology A broad and distinct band of color.
3. Architecture
a. A flat horizontal band or member between moldings, especially in a classical entablature.
b. (fā′shə)pl. fas·cias A board covering the ends of rafters on the eaves of a building. Also called fascia board.
4. (fā′shə)pl. fas·cias
a. The shape or styling of the front or rear end of an automobile.
b. Chiefly British The dashboard of a motor vehicle.

[Latin, band.]

fas′ci·al adj.


a. fascial, rel a una fascia;
___ sheath of eye-ballcubierta ___ del globo del ojo.
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All of the women had some level of nervous compression of somatic structures and infiltration of their fascial envelope.
A characteristic finding, as shown in the present case, is propagation along fascial planes, tendon sheaths and nerves.
8) It is a commonly used approach in osteopathic and manual therapeutic practice, (25,26) focusing on the restoration of altered fascial tissue function and on restoring optimal muscle length by means of stretching or compressing the specific region.
Authors Ann Frederick and Chris Frederick are the creators of LifeStretch, Fascial Stretch Therapy, and the Stretch to Win Center.
For all the patients, the same surgical approach was utilized as follows: firstly, local infiltration anaesthesia with lidocaine and 1:200,000 adrenaline and great auricular nerve block was performed and, then, a very superficial skin ellipse excision was performed meticulously avoiding damage to the underlying fascial layer.
The contract is responsible for the management and implementation of fascial training for the employees of the client by the Contractor.
The presented modalities include acupuncture, fascial fitness, fascial manipulation, fascial stretch therapy, myofascial release, fascial movement, myofascial trigger point therapy, structural integration, visceral manipulation, and yin yoga.
When considering which sling type to use for which incontinent woman, the published data demonstrates excellent results for both synthetic mesh (retropubic or transobturator routes) and fascial pubovaginal slings for most patients.
com)-- Seminar: Positional Release & Myofascial Mobilization Management of Fascial Pain and Dysfunction with Dr.
Objective: To compare the efficiency and security of the balloon dilators versus fascial dilators in percutaneous nephrolithotripsy (PCNL), We compared the difference of intraoperative and postoperative parameters of patients using these two different methods of expansion and having no significant statistic differences in peroperative parameters.
The fascial defect as well as the peritoneum was closed routinely at the umbilical port site with vicryl '0' on 'J' shaped needle.
Table 1: Computed tomography grading of rectus sheath haematoma (5) Type Description I The haematoma is intramuscular, unilateral and does not dissect along the fascial planes II The haematoma can be unilateral or bilateral, with blood between the muscle and the transversalis fascia III Blood is seen to track along the fascial lines, into the peritoneum and the prevesical space