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An automobile designed with a curving downward slope from roof to rear.


1. (Automotive Engineering) a car having a back that forms one continuous slope from roof to rear
2. (Breeds) Brit a type of pig developed from the landrace or large white and bred for lean meat


(ˈfæstˌbæk, ˈfɑst-)

1. a form of back for an automobile body consisting of a single convex curve from the top to the rear bumper.
2. an automobile having such a back.
[1960–65, Amer.]
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The length of the fastback is 4750 millimeters (-80 millimeters), width - 1828 (+12), height - 1400 millimeters (-56).
James Chorlton of Jennings Mazda with the MX-5 Retractable Fastback model
ASUAVE looking Fastback is joining Hyundai's medium-sized family car range.
AHot on the heels of the high performance i30N models the new Fastback completes the i30 range alongside the hatchback and estate models.
Priced from PS20,305 the Fastback carries a PS500 premium over the fivedoor i30 and is available with a choice of two engines - both turbo petrol.
The new, bold and avant-garde fastback offers more space and flexibility as a result of its long wheelbase, coupAaAaAeA@-like fastback design, a large rear hatch.
Succeeding the Volkswagen CC sedan, the German carmaker's local affiliate here said it will introduce the 2018 Arteon four-door fastback sedan next year in Korea.
The completely new, bold and avant-garde fastback offers more space and flexibility as a result of its long wheelbase, coup-like fastback design, and large rear hatch.
HYUNDAI has announced the pricing and specification of the new i30 Fastback, the final model in the i30 family, joining the Hatchback, Tourer and the high performance N version.
Compared with the others in the i30 line-up, the Fastback has a roofline that is lowered by an inch-and-a-half, giving the car a wider stance, improving aerodynamics and creating a distinctive silhouette, set off with two new alloy wheel designs.
Called the i30 Fastback, the new model takes the proportions of the i30 and massages them with a lower front grille and reduced roof height (by 25mm).