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Noun1.fat person - a rotund individualfat person - a rotund individual      
large person - a person of greater than average size
scrag, skin and bones, thin person - a person who is unusually thin and scrawny
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Behind them, inconspicuous as a cat, ambled a small fat person who looked like a lawyer's tout.
A fat person that sits with crossed-leg will feel the muscles of the thigh rub more on themselves.
InBody devices measure body water to determine the amount of muscle and fat person has in his or her body.
For the big, they can remark that he or she is plump like the python (koropoto bi oka), the one who is being fed by the community (eni ti gbogbo ilu nbo) They may also say "koropoto bi oka" (plump like the python), to show honor to the fat person
Before we judge every fat person as obese or too curvy we should realise that quite possibly, a majority of plus-sized people - men or women, would love to be a "normal size".
Learning to fit in a world that's not designed for a fat person, Whitney continues to struggle with her Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and the judgment that surrounds her on a daily basis.
Well, as a fat person I can assure her we already DO feel uncomfortable about our size.
It Should Be Supplied With Cuffs, Variable Sizes To Use In A Child A Fat Person Or A Thin Person.
It's about emotional journey of a fat person who tries to find romantic relationship and at the same time coming into terms with self-acceptance, the director said.
Is there any law that says you cannot call a fat person fat?
TLC channel's If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World giving self-proclaimed "Jesus of the outspoken" her own panel show to spew bile like: "You're a raging, angry fat person in a pink dress," to an audience member.