fat-soluble vitamin

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Noun1.fat-soluble vitamin - any vitamin that is soluble in fatsfat-soluble vitamin - any vitamin that is soluble in fats
vitamin - any of a group of organic substances essential in small quantities to normal metabolism
antiophthalmic factor, axerophthol, vitamin A, A - any of several fat-soluble vitamins essential for normal vision; prevents night blindness or inflammation or dryness of the eyes
calciferol, cholecalciferol, D, ergocalciferol, viosterol, vitamin D - a fat-soluble vitamin that prevents rickets
E, tocopherol, vitamin E - a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for normal reproduction; an important antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the body
antihemorrhagic factor, naphthoquinone, vitamin K - a fat-soluble vitamin that helps in the clotting of blood
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Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin and antioxidant that occurs naturally in eight different forms.
Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, meaning that the body needs fat to adequately absorb it.
Suboptimal fat-soluble vitamin intake due to inadequate or poor diet quality and/or noncompliance to prescribed vitamin supplementation can also contribute to low BMD.
Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is stored in the liver.
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for human health.
It's also important to eat some food containing at least a little fat when taking a supplement, because otherwise this fat-soluble vitamin -- in the form found in most dietary supplements -- will not be well-absorbed.
The bile acid also was approved as adjunctive treatment of peroxisomal disorders including Zellweger spectrum disorders in patients who exhibit manifestations of liver disease, steatorrhea, or complications from decreased fat-soluble vitamin absorption.
Since vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin with potent activity and one of its main physiological roles is considered to be the inhibition of unsaturated fatty acid oxidation, vitamin E is a promising candidate against oxidative stress-induced unfavorable consequences.
Cholecalciferol, also known as vitamin D3, is a main dietary fat-soluble vitamin, and can be used as a health-promoting dietary supplementation.
As a result, the water-soluble shell naturally enters through the water barrier of the villi, taking the fat-soluble vitamin with it--and dramatically increasing absorption.
However, limited information is available for a direct comparison of fat-soluble vitamin administration to newborn pigs by different administration routes.
SHANGHAI, Ramadan 2, 1433, Jul 21, 2012, SPA - Vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin, consumed in the diet or vitamin supplements, may lower the risk of liver cancer, U.