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1. Of, like, or appropriate to a father: fatherly love.
2. Showing the affection of a father.
In a manner befitting a father.

fa′ther·li·ness n.
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Noun1.fatherliness - the benignity and protectiveness of or befitting a father; "the gentleness and fatherliness of the strange old man eased her fears"
parental quality - a quality appropriate to a parent
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There's just a slightly more groundedness and casualness and fatherliness to him, particularly relative to Dolores.
Now I spend more and more time defending Alec -- despite his intelligence, civic and charity-mindedness, his devoted fatherliness, before and after his scolding of his older daughter, Ireland, on a cellphone, which became public for everyone to hear.
So this is what I need to say to you, smattering of public figures and showbiz personalities, and it is said in the spirit of fatherliness and with love.
Darling, "Peter Pan permanently rejects fatherliness, including his own, by refusing to enter the pre-requisite order of manhood" (Rotert 115).
The supporting characters are revealing: Andy Vadnais, the headmaster of South Kent, is solicitous toward Sene to the point of supplication, his feelings toward his towering student born of both fatherliness and perhaps guilt over his school's difficult fit for the youth.