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n. Abbr. fth. or fm.
A unit of length equal to 6 feet (1.83 meters), used principally in the measurement and specification of marine depths.
tr.v. fath·omed, fath·om·ing, fath·oms
1. To penetrate to the meaning or nature of; comprehend.
2. To determine the depth of; sound.

[Middle English fathme, from Old English fæthm, outstretched arms; see petə- in Indo-European roots.]

fath′om·a·ble adj.
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Adj.1.fathomable - (of depth) capable of being sounded or measured for depth
unfathomable - of depth; not capable of being sounded or measured
2.fathomable - (of meaning) capable of being penetrated or comprehended
comprehendible, comprehensible - capable of being comprehended or understood; "an idea comprehensible to the average mind"


Capable of being readily understood:


adj (fig)fassbar; less fathomableweniger verständlich