fatigue crack

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Noun1.fatigue crack - a crack in metal resulting from metal fatiguefatigue crack - a crack in metal resulting from metal fatigue
crack, scissure, cleft, crevice, fissure - a long narrow opening
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A sampling of individual papers turns up evaluating the strength of bending fatigue in a notched structural steel sheet, the numerical investigation of penetration performance of segmented rod projectiles with various connectors, image-based displacement vector estimation methods around the fatigue crack tip, using neural networks to evaluate the reliability of structures, fatigue properties of dynamically loaded self-compacting concrete, and fatigue traffic loading for highway bridges in China.
Using EFS, the engineers will also be able to verify that repairs are effective in halting further fatigue crack growth, by determining that previously repaired fatigue cracks are no longer growing.
Eliminating crack propagation can arrest a fatigue crack.
When tested at low levels of [Delta]K, a reduction of the fatigue crack growth rates by an approximate factor of 20 in longitudinal specimens of 70/(3/27) PS/(SEBS/HDPE) can be obtained compared to longitudinal specimens of PS.
This article will illustrate fatigue crack growth (FCG) tests that are available in commercial and independent test labs for evaluation of rubber compounds.
Nearly 250 papers selected and peer-reviewed from the 2010 conference discuss such topics as analytical concepts for recent development in fatigue crack growth under variable amplitude loading, the performance of the casing-plug joints of square steel tube structures, predicting the life of rubber automotive components using finite element method, numerical application in reducing the weight of the lateral plate of rescue robots, dynamic response and the effect of center level height of periodic symmetric struts support, and the asymptotic analysis of the singular stress behavior around an imperfect edge of dissimilar power-law hardening materials joint.
This was attributed to the pre-mature onset of Stage III fatigue crack growth due to an HE-induced reduction in fracture toughness.
Phase Transformation Theory Applied to Predict Fatigue Crack Propagation in Solid Materials (Y.
Papers address the reliability of experts and expert systems, measurement of scale-induced fatigue behavior for railway axles, deformation of the injection mold core, modeling of fatigue crack growth based on two cyclic plasticity models, mechanical fatigue life estimations for pistons, workflow modeling methods for collaborative product development, functional evolution process modeling and management for conceptual product design, damage analysis of glass-to-metal diffusion welded joints, delivery of a quality product in a value chain, and a method of fuzzy probability using a small sample.
Fatigue crack can cause significant damage to offshore structures.
Therefore, using surface strengthening (hardening) treatments it is possible to improve considerably the resistance to the fatigue crack initiation and increase fatigue life of metals and alloys.
The fatigue experiments measure: 1) the fatigue crack growth rate curve dc/dN = r(T) (mm/cycle) (bottom left of figure 2), and 2) the number of cycles to failure of a simple tension strip operating at fixed strain (bottom right).