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adj. fat·ti·er, fat·ti·est
1. Containing or composed of fat: fatty food; fatty deposits.
2. Characteristic of fat; greasy.
3. Derived from or chemically related to fat.
n. also fat·tie (făt′ē) pl. fat·ties Derogatory
A fat person.

fat′ti·ly adv.
fat′ti·ness n.
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Noun1.fattiness - having the property of containing fatfattiness - having the property of containing fat; "he recommended exercise to reduce my adiposity"
fatness, avoirdupois, blubber, fat - excess bodily weight; "she disliked fatness in herself as well as in others"
سَمْنَه، إحتواء على الدُّهن
feiti, fita


(fӕt) noun
1. an oily substance made by the bodies of animals and by some plants. This meat has got a lot of fat on it.
2. a kind of such substance, used especially for cooking. There are several good cooking fats on the market.
1. having a lot of fat on one's body; large, heavy and round in shape. He was a very fat child.
2. large or abundant. Her business made a fat profit; A fat lot of good that is! (= That is no good at all)
ˈfatness noun
ˈfatten verb
(often with up) to make or become fat. They are fattening up a turkey to eat at Christmas.
ˈfatty adjective
containing, or like, fat. This meat is very fatty.
ˈfattiness noun
ˈfat-head noun
a stupid person.
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The smell of pans mingled with the sizzling oil, the intermittent crackling of savory grilled maize, the frying of freshly slaughtered poultry, sautA@ed after it was cleaned of the remaining feathers, the fattiness of drooping meat on the butcher's hooks.
The participants then rated pleasantness, saltiness intensity, sweetness intensity and fattiness intensity.
It has just enough fattiness and enough subtlety, because if you really want to experience truffles in any kind of cooking it really has to have a neutral background.
Serve with soy sauce, grated radish and lemon to cut through the fattiness of the tuna.
In nine different species of fresh and salt water fish fattiness had no significant effect on content of vitamin D [15].
Again, it needed something sharp to cut through the fattiness, and the pomegranate did the job brilliantly.
Its fruitiness complements the fattiness of any pork dish, either served as a garnish or cooked alongside the meat in a roasting pan.
A rich and rounded white wine that will cut the fattiness of the rich cheeses and still complement the flavour of all them.
For example, a mild pale lager cools spicy sausage, while a dry pilsener cuts through the fattiness of cheese pizza.
While Peking duck was already a favorite of mine, the softness and smoothness of the wine with hints of red apple and orange pith paired well with the tanginess of the hoisin and fattiness of the duck.
If it's a barbecue you're having then this flint-edged citrus bite of a lemon and lime wine will cut through the fattiness of a sausage.
The sharp, acid sweetness of the rhubarb cuts the unctuous fattiness of the duck.