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A legal opinion or ruling issued by an Islamic scholar.

[Arabic fatwā, legal opinion; see ptw in Semitic roots.]


(ˈfætwɑː) or


(Islam) a non-binding judgment on a point of Islamic law given by a recognized religious authority


(ˈfɑt wɑ)
an Islamic religious decree issued by the ‘ulama.
[1985–90; < Arabic fatwā]


1989 The death sentence pronounced by a fundamentalist Iranian leader on the British writer Salman Rushdie for his novel The Satanic Verses, deemed blasphemous by devout Muslims.
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Noun1.fatwa - a ruling on a point of Islamic law that is given by a recognized authority
ruling, opinion - the reason for a court's judgment (as opposed to the decision itself)
Islamic law, sharia, sharia law, shariah, shariah law - the code of law derived from the Koran and from the teachings and example of Mohammed; "sharia is only applicable to Muslims"; "under Islamic law there is no separation of church and state"


[ˈfætwə] Nfatwa f


fatwah [ˈfætwɑː] nfatwa f
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1) The Fatwa Committee shall adopt any advice and recommendation of the National Fatwa Committee which affects any act or observance which has been agreed upon by the Conference of Rules as an act or observance which extends to the Federation as a whole pursuant to Article 38 (2)(b) of the Federal Constitution.
Interestingly, local Muslim militant groups were divided over the Mufti's fatwa.
While highlighting the importance of Fatwa in the Muslim societies Dr.
Elle a appele le Mufti a ouvrir des chaEnes de contact et des liens continus entre le Conseil et la Maison de Fatwa, et ce dans le cadre des efforts engages par cette derniere pour lutter contre les vagues de fatwas, souvent errones, et qui sont relatifs a la femme.
Abdullah bin Abdul-Mohsen Al-Turki highlighted Fatwa's great importance in Islam for the lives of Muslims and explained that in the light of the evolution of information and communication technology and the proliferation of satellite broadcasting, Fatwa is facing interpretation problems and needs rationalization so it remains well-protected from distortions.
Summary: The Fatwa and Legislation Section of the Department of Judiciary- Abu Dhabi, announced that the first day of Muharram falls on Sunday November 27.
Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, the founder and the patron-in-chief of Minhaj-ul-Quran International, issued a detailed and comprehensive Fatwa against terrorism and suicide bombing in March last year.
An Egyptian Muslim scholar has dismissed as fanatical a fatwa (a religious edict) by a little-known cleric calling for the murder of Egyptian opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei.
However, Al Azharconsidered issuing such fatwa as "reckless" while the supporters of ElBaradei, who is considering running for the presidential election next year, warned of the the dangers of such fatwas.
The King's "pleasant surprise for his people during the holy month of Ramadan", according to Shobokshi, "will go a long way to restoring the authority of the fatwa .
eligible to be involved in the duty of fatwa so that we allow them to carry out fatwas," he added.
Speaking about the "adult breastfeeding" fatwa, Sheikh Abdul Mohsen al-Obeikan reiterated the fatwa of a scholar from Al-Azhar in regard to the activation of the "adult breastfeeding" issue mentioned by one of the female Companions of the Prophet.