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n. pl. fau·nas or fau·nae (-nē′)
1. (used with a sing. or pl. verb) Animals, especially the animals of a particular region or period, considered as a group.
2. A catalog of the animals of a specific region or period.

[Late Latin Fauna, sister of Faunus.]

fau′nal adj.
fau′nal·ly adv.
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Tenders are invited for: Mission of awareness, environmental education and monitoring and faunal inventories - nature reserve of the big voyeux
A faunal turnover is evident from the Sardhok outcrops, with the extinction of these taxa from Pakistan.
Among their topics are Tony Legge and the Blick Mead Project, a typology of dog deposition in archaeological contexts, age-at-death in traditional Cypriot sheep and goat husbandry: implications for zooarchaeology, the integration of cereal cultivation and animal husbandry in the British Neolithic: the evidence of charred plant remains from timber buildings at Lismore Fields, and using faunal remains to evaluate social stratification in the Middle Iron Age: the fortified village of Mas Castellar de Pont s on the northeastern Iberian Peninsula.
The animals not only impact on private property, but also seriously damage native floral and faunal wildlife species through their feeding habits, aggressive behaviour and phenomenal reproductive capability.
The present studies have brought in new insights to stratigraphy, faunal turn-over dynamics and environmental conditions of the Permo-Triassic (PT) sequence exposed in western Salt Range continuing in the adjoining Surghar Range.
The Philippine tarsier (Tarsius syrichta), found mostly in Bohol, Samar, Leyte and Mindanao is declared a specially protected faunal species by virtue of Proclamation No.
The discovery of this distinct micro-moth in the densely populated and otherwise zoologically well-studied southern California underscores the importance of conservation of the fragile habitats that still contain undescribed and threatened species, and highlights the paucity of interest in species-level taxonomy of smaller faunal elements in North America," Nazari said.
ISLAMABAD -- The Zoological Survey of Pakistan (ZSP), under its mandate to conduct new research on animals, has undertaken faunal survey of two protected areas to obtain information on population dynamics.
According to sources, a survey of economically important faunal species is used in international wildlife trade to assist CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) regulatory authority.
The collection, comprising largely faunal material, represents a 6500-year period of occupation and exploitation of marine resources in the area.
It has been investigated for the faunal assemblage in the Central Salt Range from Nilawahan, Sardhi, Karuli and Badshah Pur sections.
This will form the basis for an extensive study of vertebrate biostratigraphy on Gotland, which will place emphasis on faunal variations coupled to differing environments.