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Of or relating to the geographic distribution of animals.

fau·nis′ti·cal·ly adv.


(Zoology) of or relating to fauna or a faunist
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Contract notice: New construction of the bab 66 (frankfurt-hanau), part tunnel riederwald - update faunistic mapping 2016th
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Although many researchers have studied the Anzali Wetland from the pollution-related, faunistic, and ecological points of view (e.
In Thessaly region, where the case we report occurred, a faunistic study of sandflies showed that P.
This, in turn, has brought in massive changes in the floristic and faunistic features of the very rugged and nearly barren waterless Hatta hills.
When faunistic works on fishes started to appear in the 1800's, naturalists just enumerated the species of sharks that they could discern, if any, that they had obtained from the literature, sometimes adding a few assorted facts.
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In this way, the present study aimed to accomplish a species faunistic inventory and investigate the influence of the flood regime and hydrological connectivity on the patterns of composition and species richness of flagellate protozoa from six lentic environments associated to the Baia river in the upper Parana river floodplain.