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Of or relating to the geographic distribution of animals.

fau·nis′ti·cal·ly adv.


(Zoology) of or relating to fauna or a faunist
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Bivalves are usually mentioned in the faunistic lists of the Khovanshchinian RS (for example, Makhlaev 1964; Rodionova et al.
services in the field of planning coordination including cross-method reconciliation with bnetza, - preparation of the necessary applications according to 19 nabeg (environmental planning services in coordination with the separately commissioned technical planner), - carrying out surveys and mapping on uses, Biotope types, Habitat types and fauna including preparatory services (eg faunistic planning room analyzes), - compilation of the environmentally relevant contributions to the documents according to 21 nabeg (esp.
The faunistic survey of bovine tick prevalence and related risk elements in the study zone has not yet been investigated.
mombin genotypes in a commercial orchard in the municipality of Teresina-PI, as well as population fluctuation, faunistic analysis and correlation with climatic factors of these tephritids in the area.
However, they advise against relying on baited traps as the sole or main basis of orchid bee faunistic studies because of trap bias.
However aphidological works, both faunistic and pest-managerial, carried out in Pakistan mainly have been food crops biased (Ali and Aheer, 2007; Amer et al.
Faunistic and ecological investigation of sandflies (Diptera, Phlebotomidae) in Serbia.
A faunistic study and population fluctuations of mites associated with stored wheat in Tehran region, Iran.
The faunistic biodiversity study by Barber's pots in Reghaia's humid area, allowed discerning 975 invertebrates.
This indicates that both fauna and flora of the Czech Republic yield to the same environmental forces and biogeographical processes such as spreading of faunistic and floristic elements from the adjacent Carpathian Mountains and the Pannonian Basin.
Habitat preference for entomopathogenic nematodes, their insect hosts and new faunistic records for the Czech Republic.
A new jumping spider species of the genus Maeota (Araneae: Salticidae: Euophryini), with new faunistic data of the tribe from Colombia