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 (fō′tĭl, fō-tœ′yə)
An upholstered armchair usually having sides that are open.

[French, from Old French faldestoel, of Germanic origin; see pel- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈfəʊtɜːɪ; French fotœj)
(Furniture) an armchair, the sides of which are not upholstered
[C18: from French, from Old French faudestuel, folding chair, of Germanic origin; see faldstool]


(ˈfoʊ tɪl; Fr. foʊˈtœ yə)

n., pl. -teuils (-tɪlz; Fr. -ˈtœ yə)
an upholstered armchair.
[1735–45; < French; Old French faldestoel < Frankish *faldistōl; see faldstool]


An upholstered armchair.
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Noun1.fauteuil - an upholstered armchairfauteuil - an upholstered armchair    
armchair - chair with a support on each side for arms
References in classic literature ?
During the time which Lord de Winter took to shut the door, close a shutter, and draw a chair near to his sister-in-law's fauteuil, Milady, anxiously thoughtful, plunged her glance into the depths of possibility, and discovered all the plan, of which she could not even obtain a glance as long as she was ignorant into whose hands she had fallen.
Monsieur d'Artagnan," said the cardinal, sitting down on a fauteuil, "you have always seemed to me to be a brave and honorable man.
Already the cold sweat started on my brow, already I glanced back over my shoulder at the closed door, when, to my unspeakable relief, my eye, wandering mildly in the direction of the stove, rested upon a second figure, seated in a large fauteuil beside it.
Then, when all were placed, he chose as his headquarters the ante-chamber, in which he found a large fauteuil, a lamp, some wine, some water: and some dry bread.
No one aiding her, for all were petrified, she sank back in her fauteuil, breathing a weak, trembling sigh.
He went home, and feeling rather tired--nursing a vengeance was, it must be confessed, a rather fatiguing process; it took a good deal out of one--flung himself into one of his brocaded fauteuils, stretched his legs, thrust his hands into his pockets, and, while he watched the reflected sunset fading from the ornate house-tops on the opposite side of the Boulevard, began mentally to compose a cool epistle to Madame de Bellegarde.
It was not uncommon for a fashionable fabric pattern in the 18th century to find its way into the upholstery of an early Fauteuil.
Numerous archive photographs (some in colour) and other documents are on display, including the original full-size working drawings for Perriand's swivel chair and for the celebrated Chaise longue, Fauteuil a dossier basculant and Grand Confort co-designed by the trio.
The masterpiece, Odalisque au fauteuil noir, of an exotic concubine reposing in an armchair, sold to a for pounds 6,613,250.
Les selections algeriennes messieurs et dames de basket-ball sur fauteuil roulant ont remporte, samedi a Staoueli, le championnat d'Afrique des nations de handibasket, tout en compostant leur billet respectif aux jeux Paralympiques qu'abritera Rio de Janeiro en 2016.
De l'interieur de ces manifestations, on pouvait voir des citoyens de tout bord : des pauvres, des riches, des vieux, des jeunes et des handicapes sur fauteuil roulant criaient tous d'une seule voix demandant au president et au regime Freres musulmans de demissionner.
Cette victoire qui permet aux nordistes donc de partager desormais le fauteuil de dauphin avec le Fus de Rabat.