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I looked with sympathetic awe and fearfulness upon the man, who in mid-winter just landed from a four years' dangerous voyage, could so unrestingly push off again for still another tempestuous term.
I gazed on it with gloom and pain: nothing soft, nothing sweet, nothing pitying, or hopeful, or subduing did it inspire; only a grating anguish for HER woes--not MY loss--and a sombre tearless dismay at the fearfulness of death in such a form.
It came happily while she was thus waiting; and there being neither ceremony nor fearfulness to delay the moment of meeting, she was with him as he entered the house, and the first minutes of exquisite feeling had no interruption and no witnesses, unless the servants chiefly intent upon opening the proper doors could be called such.
which is this last degree) is a vice, using either of a natural falseness or fearfulness, or of a mind that hath some main faults, which because a man must needs disguise, it maketh him practise simulation in other things, lest his hand should be out of use.
The first, that simulation and dissimulation commonly carry with them a show of fearfulness, which in any business, doth spoil the feathers, of round flying up to the mark.
While PM Modi is a prisoner of his extremist right wing supporters, PM Sharif conveys a deep-rooted fearfulness of the Establishment.
As for holding point until you are able to flush the bird, again there is apparently an element of fearfulness.
Americans under 35 years (70 percent) were most fearful of all age groups, citing "financial burdens" (46 percent) as the factor feeding their fearfulness most -- both aligning with world results.
At the ages of 9 and 18 weeks, birds were examined for aggression and fearfulness.
2010) indicated that in unsocial contexts, the basal serum OT concentration of calves was negatively related to curiosity, and tended to have a positive relationship with fearfulness in novel environments.
The 76-year-old, who helps run Inverclyde Anti-Knife Group, added: "There seems to be a fearfulness in Scotland to introduce bold sentencing guidelines so we are left to how a sheriff or judge feels on the day.
Anxiety Disorders affect about 40 million American adults age 18 years and older (about 18%) in a given year, causing them to be filled with fearfulness and uncertainty.