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(ˈfɛð ərˌkʌt)

a woman's hairstyle in which the hair is cut short in layers and softly curled in a feathery effect.
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Unique feather-cut fabric provides subtle movement in even the slightest breeze, which is as important as looking just like a real hen when it comes to bowhunting ranges, and it alleviates the user of any need to add extra feathers for movement.
And so far life alone is suiting the feather-cut bad boy.
Yet, not only is the feather-cut and feather-brained Bernie Ecclestone proposing to take Formula 1 across the blood on the tracks, but Her Majesty, to whom today I will have to swear allegiance, has invited the so-called king of Bahrain to luncheon at Windsor Castle as part of her Jubilee.
which was an interesting era of glam rock, fab feather-cut hairdos and the Queen's Silver Jubilee.
I'm in a minority, because Brown is suddenly as fashionable as a feather-cut mullet.
I thought people would make even more of a deal of it," he laughs, checking his intricate feather-cut hair, one of his trademarks, is still in place.
Weller strolled on stage with his usual get-up of a waist-length scarf and feather-cut mop and launched himself into a two- hour set that thoroughly trawled a classic body of work.
Wiggo, all elegant, effortless tailoring and slightly grown out feather-cut, made Liam look a little of yesterday rather than impatiently of now.
Quickly he becomes her top stylist by offering his "silky smoothness" to her many older clients, and we're talking offering more than just a feather-cut and blow dry.
The former feather-cut idols now are in their late 60s and look like Arthur Mullard.
If they escape baldness, perhaps their feather-cut will also be persuaded to make a feeble comeback with the copious aid of gel.
1973 was all right by me, but then I was just a daft boy back then, a crazy, if slightly spotty, teenager with a dodgy duffle coat and a flawed feather-cut.