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A lightweight corset bone originally made from the quills of domestic fowl instead of whalebone.
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The Warren Featherbone Company's factory opened in 1883.
Whalen, of the Warren Featherbone Company and the Featherbone Communiversity, will discuss how his company has adapted to the changing times.
The companies that have descended from the original Warren Featherbone organization have always been family operated, and we therefore feel it's important that we maintain domestic production and provide jobs for the people who are part of our community in Gainesville, GA.
is the CEO of Alexis PlaySafe, a Warren Featherbone company.
The include Gus Whalen who is CEO of Warren Featherbone Company and Chairman of Alexis PlaySafe, Inc; John Wilson, Vice President of Manufacturing, New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc; Brian Jones, CEO, Nypro, Inc.
In addition to operating the Warren Featherbone Company, a major children's wear manufacturing facility in Gainesville, Ga.
May, Renowned consultant, futurist and industry provocateur Rob Hand, CEO, Hand Promotion Management Gus Whalen, CEO, Warren Featherbone Co.
Insight 03 also featured a keynote from business visionary Gus Whalen, chief executive officer of the Warren Featherbone Company.
Michio Kaku and Warren Featherbone CEO Gus Whalen, offering new tools, techniques and methodologies that will allow participants to leave with actionable plans to help safeguard their business-critical infrastructures.
The Insight 2000 keynote speaker is Gus Whalen, author of The Featherbone Principle: A Declaration of Interdependence and president and CEO of The Warren Featherbone Company.
Gus" Whalen, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Warren Featherbone Company, and Barbara Reilly, Research Director in GartnerGroup's Research and Advisory Group.
The "Best in Retailer/Supplier Relationship" Award was presented to The Warren Featherbone Company and Dillard's, Inc.