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1. A thin fragile edge, especially a tapering edge of a board.


(General Engineering) a board or plank that tapers to a thin edge at one side
ˈfeatherˌedged adj


(ˈfɛð ərˌɛdʒ)

n., v. -edged, -edg•ing. n.
1. a thin or tapered edge, esp. one that is sharp.
2. an object or implement with such an edge.
3. to give such an edge to.
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Noun1.featheredge - a thin tapering edge
edge - a sharp side formed by the intersection of two surfaces of an object; "he rounded the edges of the box"
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The smooth, battenstyle fence is also a shortcut to a contemporary-looking garden, as opposed to the more traditional rough-to-touch featheredge or closeboard panels.
Thin Patch suits horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces--interior or exterior--ranging from featheredge to 1-in.
SAKRETE[R] Flo-Coat is designed for applications from 1/2-inch down to a featheredge and is polymer-modified for superior bonding strength.