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A featherbrain.

feath′er·head′ed adj.


(ˈfɛð ərˌbreɪn)

a foolish or giddy person; scatterbrain.
feath′er•brained`, adj.
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I said as much to Clarence; but this mock- ing featherhead only said:
Brown of Cinnamon Lane in Featherhead, Warrington, had previously pleaded guilty to speeding by letter but he was asked to attend, so that a disqualification could be considered.
Featured are early demo versions of "But Anyway" and "Trust In Trust" recorded in 1988; the quirky "The Poignant and Epic Saga of Featherhead and Lucky Lack" which was recorded in 1993 but never made it to an album; the unreleased studio track "Demon" which was written in 2000 during a songwriting session in Austin; plus the tracks "12 Swords," "The Sun and the Storm" and the 20-minute odyssey "Traveler Suite," all taken from their 2000 concept album Decision of the Skies: A Traveler Tale of Sun and Storm, which was originally only made available as a download through the band's website.
Macarena": The Macarena is the imbecile's dance/It gives the morons and idiots a chance,/To show the talents of which they have none/Except to show off and have some fun//It was invented by a featherhead,/Who got up and left his brains in bed.
Alex, a 23-year-old African gray parrot, won't be taking the SATs, but he's no featherhead, says his owner, University of Arizona scientist Irene Pepperberg.
com/flamingos for clues to the location of Sunny, the flighty teal featherhead.
She used her newly acquired skills to write Featherheads, which tells how the lives of an elderly couple were affected by Alzheimer's disease.
I was thinking: oh, these women, these dimwits, these featherheads, but never to such a degree
Debuting originally in 2010 with the industry's first line of premium feather extensions, the Fine Featherheads collection will now include Quill Clips, Feathered Earrings, Fly Ties and Pet Plumes and will be sold direct to consumers via www.
com/flamingos and enter their A+ Rewards number to receive clues to the location of the missing teal featherheads.
com/flamingos for clues to the location of the four flighty teal featherheads.
Reputations, The Water Street Blues Band, Umbrella Heaven and Featherheads