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Adj.1.featherlike - resembling or suggesting a feather or feathers; "feathery palm trees"
feathered - having or covered with feathers; "our feathered friends"
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Tenders are invited for Executive Revolving Chairs, High Back With Arms And Cushion Fitted, Model :- Dc-001, Make :- Featherlike / Decowell Or Equal
But the main draw is the iconic dual role of the white and black swan, performed with featherlike fragility and breathtaking strength by company legend Tamara Rojo.
From a distance, the silver bullets and their smoky, trailing trajectories blended to create metallic, featherlike flares.
No sooner had the boys completed their race than the girls loomed large on the home stretch to the finish giving the impression they had sailed a faster race but the pint sized Brit Karyna Manuel proved too featherlike for the conditions and despite being third in the first race fell behind to finish 10th which was followed with a 19th place in the next race.
10a) and exhibits some featherlike markings, indicating a brittle nature of EVOH (12).
What they are really saying is that there was not enough force to knock him down but he knew he could win a penalty so he went down after no more than a featherlike touch.
And in these subtle details--barnacles with their featherlike cirri rhythmically groping for plankton, filtering the sea; the stretched arms of sunstars, timidly sensing others, then curling away; little puffs of sand created by the rapid breath of a half-buried flounder, now exposed--the elegance and perfection of the ocean was revealed, delicately and constantly contributing to the tapestry of life.
His first winner came on the all-weather - Beauchamp Magic on a December night at Wolverhampton in 1999, Baker passing the scales at a featherlike 7st 3lb.
But there, the receptors can trigger an "out, out" reaction, stimulating the featherlike cilia of the airways to push whatever's nearby up and away.
Washington, Sept 9 (ANI): Scientists have uncovered remains of a hunchbacked dinosaur species that sprouted spiky, featherlike shafts on its arms; was probably a powerful runner; and likely ate small dinosaurs, crocodiles, and early mammals.
Then Maid Marian's yelps turned to laughter, for she felt as if she was weightless, featherlike.
The unit's featherlike feel is the result of a skeletonized, Isogrid frame and pin guard (holding new green bubble level) and simple, direct-mount bracket.