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feat 1

1. An act or accomplishment of great courage, skill, or imagination; an achievement.
2. Obsolete A specialized skill; a knack.

[Middle English fet, from Anglo-Norman, from Latin factum, from neuter past participle of facere, to make, do; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]
Synonyms: feat1, achievement, exploit, masterstroke
These nouns denote an extraordinary deed or action: feats of bravery; achievements of diplomacy; military exploits; a masterstroke of entrepreneurship.

feat 2

adj. feat·er, feat·est Archaic
1. Adroit; dexterous.
2. Neat; trim.

[Middle English fet, suitable, from Old French fait, from Latin factus, done, made; see feature.]

feat′ly adv.


1. neatly
2. fitly
ˈfeatliness n


(ˈfit li)

1. suitably; appropriately.
2. skillfully.
3. neatly; elegantly.
4. graceful; elegant.
feat′li•ness, n.
References in classic literature ?
Among them sport Ares and the keen-eyed Slayer of Argus, while Apollo plays his lyre stepping high and featly and a radiance shines around him, the gleaming of his feet and close-woven vest.
And when they had put away craving for drink and food, they started out with the lord Apollo, the son of Zeus, to lead them, holding a lyre in his hands, and playing sweetly as he stepped high and featly.
And then take hands; Curtsied when you have, and kissed The wild waves whist, Foot it featly here and there, And sweet sprites bear The burden.