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Noun1.feature article - a special or prominent article in a newspaper or magazine; "they ran a feature on retirement planning"
newspaper, paper - a daily or weekly publication on folded sheets; contains news and articles and advertisements; "he read his newspaper at breakfast"
article - nonfictional prose forming an independent part of a publication
mag, magazine - a periodic publication containing pictures and stories and articles of interest to those who purchase it or subscribe to it; "it takes several years before a magazine starts to break even or make money"
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And remember, Miss Wyman, if you're ambitious, that the aim and end of journalism is not the feature article.
I shall leave masterpieces alone and do hack-work - jokes, paragraphs, feature articles, humorous verse, and society verse - all the rot for which there seems so much demand.
This feature article presents statistics on the business performance and operating characteristics of the transportation, storage and courier services sector during the period 2005 to 2014, mainly based on the findings of the Annual Survey of Economic Activities.
While we don't have a feature article this month, both the "What's New" and "Innovations in the News" sections are chock full of important announcements and insightful reports, policy and program developments both at the Department and in the field, and news articles.
Concern over global warming has grown substantially and with it the demand for products to measure the chemical agents linked to it, which is what this month's feature article examines.
Now in its fourth edition, the tutorial stands out from its host of competitors by covering everything in a neat package, all the aspiring writer, and quite a few established ones, needs to know about the business of getting a feature article published.
President Maxwell was also highlighted in a feature article about the League in New York Newsday, and an article about voter ID in the AARP Bulletin.
Wendy Perron's December "Curtain Up" column and the feature article "The Divine Within" were wonderful.
The feature article covers Jahnke's professional achievements in broadcasting and her influence in the agriculture industry.
Also, each feature article will now include a sidebar called "Nuts and Bolts," which highlights key science concepts behind the story.
Louis Boitano was the subject of a feature article in the June 24 Willow Glen Resident that also mentioned fellow CPAs Frank Boitano, Steve Boitano, Robert Lawrence and Ogden Lilly .
has 75 Shore A hardness, while earlier grades are 80A and 90A (see last month's feature article on super-TPVs).