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Noun1.fecalith - a hard mass of fecal matterfecalith - a hard mass of fecal matter    
mass - a body of matter without definite shape; "a huge ice mass"


n. fecalito, concreción intestinal formada alrededor de materia fecal.
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In more complicated cases with evidence of fecalith, or appendiceal abscess or phlegm, initial antimicrobial therapy reduces the acute inflammation and urgent need for surgery, but persistent inflammation of the appendix is often observed and appendectomy, either acutely or after improvement following antimicrobial therapy, appears indicated.
5 cm long and that it was inflamed due to fecalith (Figure 2).
Additionally, hyperdense fecalith image was seen in the distal portion of appendix; also there were 2 cm calculi in bladder (Figure 1).
For instance, the appendix may have been removed due to a finding of distention with fecalith or extensive adhesions binding the appendix to the abdominal wall.
The report stated: 4-cm long appendix with swelling of the distal portion and fecalith in the lumen, clear points of perforation.
Surgical findings were severe acute serositis, recurrent necrosis, fecalith, and fibrosed appendix containing an exudate.
The fecalith was sectioned and no metallic fragments were identified.