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 (fĕ-dä′yē′, -dä′ē′, -dă′-)
n. pl. fe·da·yeen (-yēn′, -ēn′)
A commando or guerrilla, especially an Arab commando operating in the Middle East.

[Arabic fidā'ī, one who sacrifices himself, from fidā', sacrifice, ransom, from fadā, to sacrifice, ransom; see pdy in Semitic roots.]


n, pl -yeen (-jiːn)
(sometimes capital) (in Arab states) a commando, esp one fighting against Israel
[from Arabic fidā'i one who risks his life in a cause, from fidā' redemption]


(fɛ dɑˈyi)

n., pl. -yeen (-ˈyin)
a member of an Arab commando group operating esp. against Israel.
[1950–55; < dial. Arabic fidā'ī (pl. fidā'īyīn) one who sacrifices himself (especially for his country)]
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Fardeen Fedayee, head of Afghanistan Youth Civil Society, commenting on the recent crimes against women and girls says he fears violence will only keep rising.
Garegin Nzhdeh (Ter-Harutyunyan) (Jan 1 1886-Dec 21 1955) was an Armenian statesman, fedayee, political thinker, and, as a
First a fedayee mujahid… detonated a car bomb causing the enemy heavy casualties and losses and removed all the barriers," the Taliban said on their website.
I don't know why Mohammad Halim Fedayee, the governor, says such things, and it made me very sad" he said.
With its outbreak in 1987, the popular Intifada took a new mythological character embodied in the "stone child" or stone-throwing youth, which assumed the role of the fedayee who had been worn out by his conflict abroad.
And I think you see that in the parts about 1956, about the Egyptian army not putting up much up a fight, and even the fedayee basically coming to the conclusion that the Egyptians were using them which is probably the case.
Odai also commands Fedayee Saddam (Saddam Volunteers) a paramilitary militia.