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Noun1.federal official - any federal law-enforcement officerfederal official - any federal law-enforcement officer
federal agent, agent - any agent or representative of a federal agency or bureau
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The members of this class had little ambition to create a position for themselves, but wanted the Federal officials to create one for them.
Federal Decree No 180 of 2017 - published in the latest issue of the Federal Official Gazette - stipulated the appointment of Nasser Mohammad Nasser Al Mur Al Za'abi as Director of the Citizens Affairs Office at the Ministry of Presidential Affairs in the grade of Assistant Undersecretary.
Summary: In 2016, pensions in Russia will be increased by approximately 7%, said a senior federal official.
Culture, Language, Elders and Youth Minister Jack Anawak has asked the federal government to consider Nunavut's special Inuktitut and Inuinnaqtun needs in the proposed federal official languages action plan.
So Greg Smiley, the designated federal official for the council, was pleasantly surprised when Health and Human Services secretary Tommy Thompson announced July 20 that he had decided to reauthorize the council, which has a capacity of 35 members.
However, because the tobacco industry considers these additives a trade secret, Congress stipulated that no federal official may disclose the identity of listed chemicals, regardless of how innocuous they may seem.
Employees who have access to classified or sensitive information expect to be scrutinized," explains an authoritative federal official responsible for Insider Threat Defense Planning.
State and federal officials have big hopes for the growth of what are known as unmanned aircraft systems.
7 Million is being obtained by Ohio State University for starting up with the tobacco research center, which will be focused at aiding federal officials regulate tobacco products.
The recent dust-up between federal officials and state insurance regulators over use of captive insurance companies by insurers to reinsure perceived excess reserves has exposed the anachronism inherent in state insurance regulation.
Obama - in a conference call with top federal officials - stressed the need for them to anticipate and address the needs of states dealing with the storm, the White House said.
Federal officials believe the date on the document was changed to reflect the pardon was signed before Lincoln was murdered at Ford's theater.

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