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Noun1.federalisation - the state of being under federal control; "the federalization of postal service"
coalition, fusion - the state of being combined into one body
2.federalisation - the act of being put under federal control
control - the activity of managing or exerting control over something; "the control of the mob by the police was admirable"
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Anglesey's 15-year plan to transform education will involve school closures, mergers and federalisation.
The rebels say a federalisation plan agreed in February after national talks as part of a political transition would divide Yemen into rich and poor regions.
It is vital to find a solution to the federalisation issue and to make necessary changes to the Constitution.
Kiev see federalisation, as proposed by Moscow, as part of a deeper Kremlin plan which would be manipulated by Russia in vulnerable Russian-speaking areas like Donetsk and Luhansk to bring about the break-up of Ukraine.
We demand concretely a referendum on federalisation so that the will of the people is heard," said Aleksei Kolekin, one of the protest leaders barricaded into the five - storey building in Luhansk.
SUCCESSIVE governments have tried in vain to con the British public that we were simply joining the Common Market when in fact they were working behind the scenes to include us in a "United States of Europe" - federalisation, for want of a better description.
Some have responsibility for more than one school as many local authorities increasingly move to a federalisation of schools.