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 (fĕd′ər-ə-līz′, fĕd′rə-)
tr.v. fed·er·al·ized, fed·er·al·iz·ing, fed·er·al·iz·es
1. To unite in a federal union.
2. To subject to the authority of a federal government; put under federal control.

fed′er·al·i·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.federalization - the state of being under federal control; "the federalization of postal service"
coalition, fusion - the state of being combined into one body
2.federalization - the act of being put under federal control
control - the activity of managing or exerting control over something; "the control of the mob by the police was admirable"
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Albanian parties spoke about the full standardization of the Albanian language, equal budget and full fiscal decentralization to which reacted the Macedonian political camp assessing these demands as attempt for quick federalization of Macedonia.
Vecer comments that the possibility of federalization has been in the spotlight recently, especially after opposition leader Zoran Zaev called for introducing the Albanian language in schools and kindergartens across the whole country in an interview with a Kosovo television channel.
Berri called for "international steps to implement UN Decision #1701" while voicing regret that "the local advocates of partition and federalization have become more daring," and stressed on his rejection of "all forms of federalization, starting from the electricity issue.
Albanians fear that they will lose the privileges from the Ohrid Agreement if it shows that they are count under 20 percent, and it will sure crave their appetite for federalization if it proves that they are above 30 percent.
As the federalization and state reforms related issues and challenges cannot be foreseen clearly, rather these unfolds in the course of working and discussions, issues like functional analysis, transitional management, civil employees census have been identified and inculcated into the project s priority undertakings to prepare the Government for the ensuing change.
The South West State was formed late last year as part of the federalization process in Somalia.
Russia has pushed for ''federalization'' of Ukraine, which would presumably give the east significant independence, but Ukrainian authorities oppose any federalization.
There are, of course, many other federal programs under the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security that are also aiding this federalization process, from the FBI's SWAT schools to various DOJ "consent decrees" and mandates.
Since March of this year, the eastern part of Ukraine - Donetsk, Kharkiv, and Luhansk - hold protests rallies for the support of the federalization.
The planned federalization of Yemen, agreed in December and ratified in February, is undoubtedly a major development.
Hadi welcomed the attendees, pointing out that their meeting held in SanaA'a from 15-17 March would help raise awareness about concepts of federalization and outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC).
On the other hand, some 3,000 people gathered in the center of Kharkov demanding that a referendum be held for federalization of Ukraine.