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The lawsuit alleges an illegal fee splitting scheme with unlicensed professionals, which may have resulted in planned courses of unnecessary treatment and testing for the purpose of profit.
com that its proposed business model violates fee splitting rules.
Gervais (1) that fee splitting encourages unnecessary cataract surgery and thus increases the taxpayer burden.
I guess this is the influence of our HMO masters who look to this kind of fee splitting to help their bottom line, which is their priority.
A major Pivotal Position championed by Dr Matas was his support for the American College of Surgeons and opposition to fee splitting.
However, the plain language of the RESPA statute says that the charges -- which can apply not only to credit reports, but to filing fees, reporting fees, title fees, appraisal fees and other incidental charges -- violate the statute only if there is a kickback or fee splitting arrangement between settlement service providers.
Both accuse Stewart of illegal business referrals and fee splitting arrangements With real estate companies.
It is designed to keep readers informed on such subjects as disputes over reasonableness of fees, recoverability of fees, billing guidelines, in--house fees, auditing, legislative caps on fees, fee splitting, alternative billing methods, insurability of fees, contingency fees, billing deficiencies, and statutory awards.
Over the past 10 years, the Florida Board of Medicine has issued a number of declaratory statements on the subject of fee splitting in the context of employment, management, and marketing arrangements between licensed physicians and business corporations and partnerships.
Specifically, the complaint alleges that defendants failed to disclose: (i) that the Company had engaged in improper and deceptive business practices; (ii) that the Company's subsidiary Docx had been falsifying documents through the use of robo signers; (iii) that the Company had engaged in improper fee sharing arrangements with foreclosure attorneys and/or law firms, including, but not limited to, undisclosed contractual arrangements for impermissible legal fee splitting, which are camouflaged as various types of fees; (iv) as a result of the Company's deceptive business practices, the Company reported misleading financial results; and (v) further, as a result of the foregoing, at all relevant times, the Company's financial outlook lacked a reasonable basis.
It also sponsored a CLE program at the convention, which included information on recent changes in state health laws, responding to state charges of patient brokering and fee splitting, ethical issues, and charity care class action lawsuits.