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Charging a fee for each service performed: a fee-for-service health insurance policy.
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About 81% of Medicare fee-for-service enrollees now use some kind of public or private arrangement to cap their maximum out-of-pocket spending, and to cope with ordinary deductible, co-payment and coinsurance bills, according to GAO analysts.
However, fee-for-service is prone to abuse, for example, where health providers prescribe unnecessary procedures in order to maximise revenue.
In Track 1, CMS will pay practices a monthly care management fee in addition to the fee-for-service payments under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for activities.
In a report released March 4, the National Commission on Physician Payment Reform recommended phasing out the current fee-for-service system over 5 years in favor of bundled payments, capitation, and increased financial risk-sharing.
This letter formally transmits the briefing in response to Congressional May 2009 request requiring GAO to provide the Subcommittee an assessment of the information in the Air Force update and any recommendations regarding the fee-for-service air refueling pilot program that may be appropriate.
The researchers compared the rates of readmissions and preventable admissions/ED visits in the fee-for-service Medicare program with those of the 13 health plans studied.
Enrollment in private Medicare Advantage plans has grown substantially in recent years and about 45% of that growth has been in fee-for-service plans, GAO said.
He compared the current market for private fee-for-service Medicare Advantage plans as being "like Dodge City before the marshal showed up.
CMS officials announced that this temporary marketing moratorium is part of an effort to halt deceptive marketing practices being used in the private fee-for-service Medicare market.
Institutional investors and servicers enter into fee-for-service arrangements for many reasons.
Support organizations for traditional and fee-for-service public charities.
This is a highly volatile issue because it fundamentally changes the way Medicare fee-for-services operates and moves it to a model like the federal employee benefit program.